Q: How to place an order with The Cute Closet?

Please email us at thecutecloset@gmail.com and provide us the following:
1. Name
2. Mobile Number
3. Address
4. Product Code & Quantity
5. Preferable Postage (Pos Laju or Pos Ekspress)

We will reply your email within 1 working day with our confirmation and our Banking Account

Q: What kind of payment options do The Cute Closet offer ?
The Cute Closet offers a variety of payment options as below:

Online payment via PayPal (Visa or Mastercard) *Currently under construction*

Offline bank-in or online transfer to our Maybank and CIMB account
After your have made payment, please email us the scanned copy of the payment slip with the following details:
1. Order reference no.
2. Your name and contact no.
3. Payment amount
4. Date and time of bank in
Please note that order will only be processed after receipt of your payment.

Q: What is the grace period for making the payment?
As we are practising First Come First Serve concept and therefore, full payment will need to be made within 1 day (24 hours) after your confirmation. Item will automatically be released to the next customer if we hear no confirmation or payment from the customer. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Q: Can I return an item after it is delivered to me?

Unfortunately, all stocks are not returnable nor refundable.

Q: Is the price stated in the website negotiable?
All the prices are fixed and not negotiable. Rest assured that our pricing is reasonable and affordable

Q: Can the item be restocked after sold out?
Yes, we can restock the items for you provided it is Restockable. All the restock items will be stated as "Restockable" for your convenieince of checking the restock status.
Full payment will need to be made 3 days before item restock.

Q: Is all the accessories posted in your website together with your clothing are for sale (selling)?
Depends, some of the accessories are not open for sale as it is used as a tool or add on to give you an idea on how to match it with the piece of clothing that we are selling. It is personal belonging. =)
We will state the price if the accessories are for sale

Q: Why some of the colour of the clothing are vary from the picture?
The vary might caused by the condition of the camera and lighting.
However, Not all the colour of the clothes will be vary from the picture. Normally the colour will be at least 90% accurated.

Q: How do I know The Cute Closet latest news and promotions ?
Just subscribe to our newsletter to get latest updates about our New Arrivals, Best and Special Deal.

Q: How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list ?
You can unsubscribe by email us at thecutecloset@gmail.com with the message title Unsubscribe and we will remove your email from the mailing list or to CLICK on Unsubscribe button in our "Subscribe to Newsletter"

Q: Can I get the compensation if I do not receive the parcel after you have posted out?
We are regretted to inform you that we are not responsible for any missing of parcel upon
shipping. However, we will try our best to help if you do need our assistance.

Q: I can't find a particular product/item I want from The Cute Closet online store, what can I do ?
Kindly contact us at thecutecloset@gmail.com for further enquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend you an alternative.